Special Order – Pilot Survival Knife

A dear friend who was a production test pilot wanted a knife reminiscent of the Kukri knife but capable of being strapped to his forearm so while he was in the crash position if he survived, he could access his knife. This is the closest I could come to marrying those two desires.This is one of few that I didn’t forge. The knife is made out of 1095 and cold blued.

The sheath is Kydex made to fit on a Ace Carpal Tunnel Bandage. 🙂
IMG_7381 IMG_7382


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    1. I’m so sorry, Jeremy. 2020 was kind of a problematic year for me and this comment had landed in my spam file in the website which I didn’t think to check–and frankly, if it weren’t for my wife deciding to come update my website who knows how long until I saw this. Are you still interested? I can make one. I’ll try to email you, too, in case this ends up in your spam.

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