Custom Orders

Custom Order Reviews:

“I am no knife expert. I like knives and have made a few knives myself, but the custom made Nessmuk knife from Jagears Knives is one of the nicest knives I have handled. It is well balanced and fits the hand perfectly. The quality of the knife is everything one would expect from a custom knife and more. As a hunter, trapper, and bear guide, I have found the only knife I need for my work in the backwoods.”  ~Brian Mason

“I received this as a gift from my mother. I just wanted to say thank you for making such a beautiful knife and scabbard. It really is one-of-a-kind! The handle feels so comfortable in my hand and the blade is amazing. Please keep up the great work!” ~Seth Findley


If you’re interested in a custom made knife, please contact me with what kind of knife you are looking to have made, and I’ll let you know how far out I’m booked plus discuss your knife in further detail.

CAVEAT: If you’re hoping to have me make you a knife cheaper than a similar factory-made knife you saw, you likely ought to get the factory-made knife. Everything I do is handmade. I cannot compete with soulless factory prices.