Special Order – Hunting and Skinning Knife

IMG_1146Special order hunting and skinning knife with an antler provided by the customer. This is the first knife I’ve used locator pins for the furniture and handle pieces. Wow, what a difference they make. The blade is 1084 with a gut hook and vine pattern filework on the spine, and I used a checkering file to provide the thumb grip on the spine. The hilt, pommel and subhilt are brass. Between the hilt and subhilt are stacked leather. At both ends of the antler are leather gaskets so that with heating and cooling and humidity changes the antler can expand and contract without cracking.

IMG_1138 IMG_1136  IMG_1140 IMG_1141 IMG_1145  The scabbard is unique. I saw on a cover of a magazine, but with no explanation as to why, the flap of leather underneath the snap caught my eye. That made me think I wanted to try it, to keep the snap from damaging the knife. Inside the pocket is a DMT diamond stone. I hope it skins many deer.



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