Special Order Nessmuk Knife Osage Handle

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This knife is a Nessmuk design. The blade is multi-purpose use. It has a distal tapering which means it’s wider at the handle and tapers evenly down to the tip. The blade geometry, the secondary edge, is wider closer to the handle and thinner near the tip for the purpose of having a chopping surface near the rear of the handle for the purpose of batoning and shallower at the tip for being a good skinner or a utility knife. The point is very close to the centerline of the handle making it easier to use as a drilling instrument into wood for creating things like holes for a bow or hand drill for fire making. The handle of this knife is a little longer than most knives, and it is a sub-hilt design. I like the sub-hilt design because it offers the user more control in most of your cutting operations. It’s extra long so a person  can take a grip behind the sub-hilt finger groove to add more weight forward for chopping. This knife is a good, durable, extremely useful design that I have thoroughly enjoyed making. The small cut at the base of the blade is called a choil cut; it aids in ease of sharpening.


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